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2020 has been the most challenging year to date. With wild storms threatening the existence of our poly tunnels and family illness delaying the start to the growing season; we like many others were totally unprepared for a global pandemic.


But we have dug deep and have invested in the expansion that we had planned to do at a steady pace through the year. Only we are scrambling to get it ready by the end of April so that we can contribute to the nations effort to feed itself. Our lettuce has been in huge demand and we have already increased plantings to account for this.


Please note that we are taking all precautionay measures whilst picking and delivering the lettuce but as with all fresh veg; please wash well before use.


We provide local lettuce lovers with fresher, tastier and longer lasting salad leaves than you can get in the supermarket.

Working as a small family team we use new, innovate farming techniques with love for our environment to achieve the perfect harvest.


New for 2020 our Corona Virus Response.