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Occasionally we will run short on lettuce- especially as we come out of lockdown as the uncertainty lead to us planting less quanity more irregularly. However, with the help of other local growers we can still bring you a salad and we are thrilled to be able to support other local farms and families.


The prices are slightly higher as it is costing us more to create and we have kept our margins as small as possible to make it affordable. It would really help us cover the costs of delivery by ordering some of the add ons and veg/fruit/treats options from the website. 

All Dressed Up


150g local mixed leaves

Red onion

Loads of our usual tomoatoes (more than the bargain and superb)

1 Cucumber

Spring onion

1 bag of Radish

1 pepper

100ml Salad Dressing



Bargain Bag


150g Cornish rocket

Red Onion

1/2 cucumber

Usual tomaotes

5/6 Radishes



Family Bag


150g local mixed leaves

150g Cornish rocket

Red onion

2 cucmbers

1 bag of Radish

Loads of our usual tomatoes

100ml salad dressing



Add on minted new potatoes:

500g £2.50

1kg £5


Couscous recipe kits starting from £2.50

Veg boxes (with our own tender, juicey kale) starting from £8.50

A variety of fruit including local strawberries at £2.50

Veg Box Hogs Bottom Gift Sets Fruit Couscous

Superb Salad


150g local mixed leaves

Red Onion

Spring Onion

1 Cucumber

Usual tomatoes (less than the all dressed up & family)

1 bag radishes