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How we are helping in the community.

As we are all experiencing; the Covid Crisis is shaking the world and forcing people to think and work in new ways. We are no exception and are also trying to find a place in the new world as well as keeping our own, young family safe. In the first 6 months of the crisis we were able to donate 10% of everything we grew, which for a small producer is a huge amount that we are extremely proud of.


As a farm; we can grow food and we provide a small contribution to the food supply in our local area. But that is not enough so we are proud to be able to donate lettuce, herbs and surplus salad box produce to The Soul Soup & Salad project run by Rebecca at The Allotment Club in Okehampton. It's a fabulous not for profit project feeding those in need within the community for free whilst their worlds are turned upside down whether it be Covid related or not. Once the 2021 season kicks off againm we hope to continue this support.







Alongside this we have also been able to donate bags to nominated NHS workers who desperately need a boost after working so hard.


We are also making up salad bags that are slightly less than perfect that we are unable to sell but would happily eat ourselves and have been donating these to the foodbanks.


The wonderful support we are receiving from our community will not only keep our farm runnig and create job opportunities for the future; but it is also allowing us to help in the only way we know how.