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We know that we cannot please everyone as we all eat different types and amounts of fruit. Sadly we cannot compete with the supermarkets on price either but we can totally beat them on quality and the current queuing system! Also it's helping to keep a local family farm growing.


So we have decided to offer  a choose your own box so that you can have your favourite fruits delivered directly to your door.


Please note if you are not ordering salad from us- there is a £10 minimum spend. But if you wish to add the odd bit of fruit onto your salad order then simply add it to your email. We do ask for the minimum quanitites below so that we do not waste any from a bulk buy. Items will vary each week depending on what is available and being ordered or requested. Sizes of fruit will vary so some weeks you may get more / less items for the requested weight.

1kg Granny Smith Apple £ 2.50

1kg Bananas £2

Local Strawberries £2.50 a punnet

English Raspberries £3 a punnet

Cornish gooseberries £2 a punnet

500g Red Grapes £2.50 (no green as they come from Brazil- the red are a bit nearer in Spain)

1/2 kg Apricot £1.60

English Blueberries £3 a punnet

1kg Local Rhubarb £3.50




Fancy something not on this list- email me and I will see what I can do.


EMAIL YOUR ORDERS TO: kate@gourmetleaves.co.uk