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From what little information we were given when we first took over the running of the vineyard we know that the furthest two rows of Pinot Noir vines were planted 30 years ago and that the other 25 rows, of Madeleine Angevine vary in age with the youngest being 20 years old. It has changed hands a number of times and has reliably produced wine in the past. Neighbours have informed us that another vineyard- larger than ours was loacted only 3 fields away and was very productive thanks to the loamy soils and sunny aspect. Sadly this was ripped out and turned into arable land once again many years ago.


18 years ago the vineyard was left neglected and trees, nettles and brambles started to take over. We know this as we have counted the age rings in the 300 trees that we removed from the vineyard in 2012! We found deer living in the undergrowth and plant species such as deadly nightshade lurking around the vines.


Fast forward to today and we have got a stunning vineyard, a thriving lettuce farm and a beautiful, solid log cabin to call home. Our meadow is home to a barn owl and after working with the Bumble Bee Conservation Society we are on the long road to creating the perfect pocket of wild habital.


Please note due to Covid19 we will not be working the vines this year so that we can concentrate our efforts on food production.


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