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2018 ended with the birth of our beautiful daughter who brought us brand new challenges. After a difficult few months of illness and hospital visits we decided to turn our polytunnel off over the winter and concentrate on supporting our baby through her difficult start.


The great news is that 2019 has begun with a now thriving, bouncing baby girl and our rapidly growing son. The lettuce has been planted, the hydroponics are humming in the background and we are full of exciting ideas for the next few years. We are still some what limited by having two small children and are ever thankful for the support and understanding from our local community and business owners.



We provide local lettuce lovers with fresher, tastier and longer lasting salad leaves than you can get in the supermarket.

Working as a small family team we use new, innovate farming techniques with love for our environment to achieve the perfect harvest.


New for 2019 is the launch of our Facebook and Instagram page. Search for Gourmet Leaves to keep up to date with life on the farm.