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If you are a local shop, wholesale or catering establishment then please email [email protected] to get the wholesale price list sent to you. It will vary through the year and not all items will be in stock due to the nature of growing.


At present, we are unable to supply via home delivery so please visit our honesty shop at the farm or your local farm shop to enjoy our produce.


It is another new start for our farm and we hope to be able to keep up with demand. However, we have to predict 3-4 months in advance of when the crop is ready, what our customers will want and we won't always get it right. As I sit in lock down 3 typing this, with no catering trade open and everyone at home; we have done our best to anticipate your needs for the spring and summer but we really have no idea of who will want what and when so we apologise in advance if we cannot meet you rneeds immediately!

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