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The box scheme runs weekly and has everything you need to make a perfect salad. For those who wish to have a regular weekly delivery please let me know otherwise feel free to order on an adhoc basis as long as we have availability. We are currently using paper bags rather than boxes. Add veg, fruit and treats to your order to save you a trip to the supermarket.


We, like most farms are new to this so we do ask for your patience whilst we find our feet. I am checking the emails daily but with two small children at home there may sometimes be delays in replying. Please email me if we have made a mistake with your bag or if you have any constructive feedback. We are listening and we will correct it.



Please email your orders to kate@gourmetleaves.co.uk or find us on facebook and message the Gourmet Leaves page. You can find a link to this from our home page.


I do struggle to take phonecalls with both children at home but if you have relatives / friends who wish to order but do not use the internet then please tell them to phone &leave a message on 07730268999. But I do ask that this is a last resort for those who have no alternative due to having my hands full of children.


Payment by bank transfer preferred but will accept the correct cash in an envelope on delivery if this is not an option. Details will be given upon ordering.







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