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There are two varities of grapes growing here. 25 out of 27 rows are a white Madeleine Angevine and the last 2 rows are Pinot Noir- a delicious, deep black grape.


Madeleine Angevine


Is very well suited to cooler climates and is popular amongst us English Wine enthusiasts. It is an early ripening grape with a low acidity that produces a crisp, fruity, dry wine that is perfect with seafoods and is very easy to grow.


Pinot Noir


It is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and is a very well known quality wine. It orignates from France and thrives in the most sheltered part of our vineyard. It is extremely voracious and we struggle to keep up with its growth. Designed to produce a lower yield of high quality grapes, it makes a light and fruity red wine although it is more often used to blend into English Sparkling Wine.

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