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The contents will vary weekly and we are sourcing as much local produce as possible. We have grown some lovely yellow courgettes and patty pan squashes which we will be putting in the boxes as long they are available. These will have to be substituted when the run out.


Please note we are keeping the cost of these boxes very low as during these times as this is a lifeline to many who cannot make it to the supermarkets. It would greatly help us to cover the costs if you would consider adding fruit or other items to your order. Thank you for helping us to support other local farms and families.



Small £8.50

Aimed at feeding 1 or 2 people


1/2kg brown onion (Cornwall)

1kg bunched carrots (UK)

1 broccoli (Devon)

1 pack kale (ours while stocks last)

1 courgette (ours if available)

Pak Choi



Large £15

Aimed at feeding a family


1kg brown onion (Cornwall)

1.5kg bunched carrots (UK)

2 broccoli (Devon)

2 courgettes (ours if available)

1 pack spinach (Cornish)

1 pack kale (ours while stocks last)

2 leeks

1 aubergine


96590743_539249336669264_5843209934266695680_n DELIVERY FRUIT BOXES TREATS

Optional add ons:

2kg washed potatoes £1.90

A dozen Cornish eggs £3.20                    

1/2kg Broad Beans £2.60


1 LARGE pack of our own vine leaves to make  (stuffed vine leaves) £3


GLUT herbs:

Freshly cut to order Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, Oregano in 25g bags £1 each.